Why rent an e-bike


1.Assisted pedalling

Electric bikes have what they call “pedal assist”, a battery-powered mechanical system. Technically, this is a machine built into the bike to give an extra boost to your pedalling. This translates into reduced strain and impact on your knees and muscles.

There are electric bikes that have a specific boost technology that can help you conquer mountains and slopes, so you don’t have to worry about any difficult terrain.

2. More time, less effort

People of all ages and all states of health can cycle much longer on an electric bike without any problems.

This allows for longer routes, more views or more opportunities to stop for lunch. For downhill enthusiasts, they are ideal because they can climb faster without pedalling, so they can do more downhill rides.


3. Nature Friendly

Climate change and global warming are serious problems and we must all do our part.

E-bikes use an average of 100 to 150 watts of energy, compared to 15,000 watts for a car. In this way, we help to improve air quality.

4. Pay-per-use

Pay-per-use is a payment model where the customer pays for using the product instead of having to buy it.


Cost savings: e-bikes are high cost bicycles. If you will only use it a few days a year, why buy it and have it standing idle most of the time?

Free Maintenance: renting a bike saves you the maintenance and tuning work that these bikes require, as this task falls to ebikenjoy.

No Parking: you won’t need to look for a space for your bike.

Bye bye transport: let us know where you want us to take your bike.


5. An experience that fits your needs

We have the latest models of top-of-the-range bicycles, less than a year old.

Our goal is for you to enjoy an experience that suits you. Therefore, at ebikenjoy we check and prepare the bikes according to your weight and height.

Renting your e-bike now!

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